Saint Peter
Type of Object: Sculpture
Technique: polychromed limewood
Measurements: 190×42 cm
Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current location of an object: Muzeum Narodowe we Wrocławiu, Wrocław
Other Relevant Historical Information:

A polyptych formerly in the main altar of the St. Peter and Paul Church in Liegnitz, consecrated on September 8th 1466. The retable remained in its original place until 1756, when it was replaced with a new baroque main altar. The old one was removed, probably transferred to one of the side naves or chapels.

Probably before 1855 the remaining fragments of the altarpiece were acquired by baron Alexander von Minutoli in Liegnitz for his collection. At that time the paintings and sculptures were separated which in time diminished the awareness of their common provenance. Starting from 1865 Minutoli made his collection accessible for the public. The panels and figures from the middle section of the former main altar of the church of St. Peter and Paul were exhibited in the castle in Liegnitz. In 1876 the paintings from the altar were sold to the Silesian Museum of Fine Arts (Schlesisches Museum der bildenden Künste) in Breslau, while the sculptures remained with baron von Minutoli, who acquired a palace in Friedersdorf am Queis near Lauban. In 1887, after Minutoli's death the sculptures were inherited by his daughter, countess von Pfeil, and they remained her property until 1921. Four years later they were acquired by der Schlesisches Museum der bildenden Künste in Breslau.

After WW2, in 1946, all the parts of the altar were transferred to the National Museum in Warsaw, from where all but two paintings were loaned to the District Museum in Toruń. In 1987 the sculptures of St. Peter and Paul were transferred to the National Museum in Wrocław, where they are exhibited still today.

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