Story of Psyche and Amor
Type of Object: Painting
Technique: tempera on panel
Measurements: 38,5 x 129,5 cm
Date or Period: c. 1470
Additional Information:

Companion piece to the paintings in museum in Berlin and Cracow.

Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current owner: Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Current location of an object: Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Other Relevant Historical Information:

The two cassoni were made in the occasion of a marriage in Medici family. The painting was probably a part of the collection of Edward Solly until 1821, when the whole collection was acquired by king Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. After splitting the collection between the children of Gustav Adolf von Ingenheim, the painting was given to Jules von Ingeheim. Later it was inherited by Jules’s daughter Elisabeth Mikusch von Buchberg (Hirschberg). Around 1916 the paintings were acquired by art dealer Friedrich Lippmann. In 1917 the cassoni passed to Eduard Simon collection and as part of it came into the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum in the same year.

Related Written Material:

Hannelore Nützmann, Verschlüsselt in Details: Hochzeitsbilder für Lorenzo de' Medici, „Jahrbuch Preussischer Kulturbesitz“, 34 (1998), p. 223-235

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