Type of Object: Painting
Technique: Tempera and oil on poplar wood
Measurements: 64 x 85 cm
Date or Period: ca. 1880
Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current location of an object: Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden
Other Relevant Historical Information:

The painting firstly belonged to Marées’ close friend, Prof. Kleinenberg, whose portrait also became part of Max Silberberg’s collection afterwards. In 1925 the „Refreshment” entered the collection of Zitzmann and then, on March the 3rd it was offered on auction in the Salon Cassirer-Helbing in Berlin, where Max Silberberg purchased it for his collection.

In 1935 Silberberg was forced to auction off this painting as well. On the 141st auction in the Salon Paul Graupe in Berlin it was purchased by the commission merchant Carl Braunstein. In 1980 the painting, as an endowment from a private collection, entered the collection of the Museum in Wiesbaden, though it was exhibited only in 2011.

The Museum of Wiesbaden, within its strenuous efforts to clarify the sticking points about the painting’s provenance made a considerable contribution towards their fair and reliable solution in the light of the Washington Principles on Nazi-confiscated Art.

Related Written Material:

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