Portrait of a Lady
Type of Object: Painting
Technique: tempera on panel
Measurements: 69 x 46 cm
Date or Period: c. 1500
Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current owner: unknown
Current location of an object: unknown
Other Relevant Historical Information:

The painting was probably acquired by Gustav Adolf von Ingenheim during his journeys to Italy. After his death in 1855 it was inherited by his daugther Marianne and in 1915 by her brother Franz living in Reisewitz. After splitting the collection between the sons of Franz: Rudolf, Harald and Manfred (grandsons of Gustav Adolf von Ingenheim), the painting was given to Harald von Ingenheim. The painting was sold to A. S. Drey, New York in 1926, than to Gallery Colnaghi in London and Knoedler in New York (1929). In 1931 it was part of the Payson collection in New York. Its futher fates are unknown.

Related Written Material:

Frank E. Washburn Freund, Altmeister Ausstellungen in New York, „Cicerone. Halbmonatshefte für Künstler, Kunstfreunde und Sammler”, 21 (1929), p. 193

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