Type of Object: Painting
Technique: Watercolour and coal drawing
Measurements: Unknown cm
Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current owner: unknown
Current location of an object: unknown
Other Relevant Historical Information:

The card could be seen in 1930 in Dresden, at an exhibition organized in the Galerie Neue Kunst Fides, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Paul Klee's birthday. Klee himself gave his work, designated with the number 330, the title „Dyke“. After the exhibition, although the exact year is unknown, the work was purchased by Max Silberberg. It belonged to the artworks which remained in Silberberg's collection till the end and which were seized in 1939 as Jewish art property. Since then no data on the artwork have been known, it is one of the works by Paul Klee whose aspect has so far remained unknown.

Related Written Material:

Galerie Neue Kunst Fides: Paul Klee, Aquarelle aus den Jahren 1920 – 1929, Dresden 1930, No. 75

Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonné / hrsg. von der Paul-Klee-Stiftung, Kunstmuseum Bern, t. 5, No. 5086

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  • Dr. Hans-Joachim Hinz
Published on: 20 / 01 / 2014
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