Olevano / Italian landscape
Type of Object: Painting
Technique: oil on canvas
Measurements: 50 x 62 cm
Date or Period: ca. 1925
Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current owner: unknown
Current location of an object: unknown
Other Relevant Historical Information:

Leo Smoschewer probably purchased the painting directly from the artist. In 1939 the picture ended up among the works sequestered from the Wrocław's Jewish collections. The mentioned works were devolved afterwards to the Musuem in Görlitz. After transfering the painting to the depository of Kunów (Kuhna in German) it disappeared without trace. For the time being it has been declared missing.

Related Written Material:

Annerose Klammt, Marius Winzeler, „Die Moderne deutsche Kunst musste zur Geltung gebracht werden“ – Zur Erwerbung von Kunstwerken aus jüdischem Eigentum für die Kunstsammlungen in Görlitz In: Beiträge öffentlicher Einrichtungen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zum Umgang mit Kulturgütern aus ehemaligen jüdischen Besitz, ed. by Ulf Häder, Magdeburg 2001.

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