Staircase in the Bishop's Palace of Nysa
Type of Object: Drawing
Technique: pencil and gouache on paper
Measurements: 26,5 x 37,2 cm
Date or Period: before 1857
Additional Information:

A sketch to the painting "Meeting of Friedrich II and Joseph II at Neisse" before WW2 in Schlesischen Museum der bildenden Künste in Breslau, today in Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Item used to belong to the following collections:
Current owner: unknown
Current location of an object: unknown
Other Relevant Historical Information:

After Menzel's death in 1905 the drawing as a part of his inheritance was taken to the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. The drawing was probably given in 1928 by the Nationalgalerie to Leo Lewin in exchage for drawings of Max Slevogt. In 1932 it was purchased in an auction (Rudolph Lepke in Berlin) by a private collector from Baden-Württemberg. Sale Dr. Moeller & Cie., Munich, 2007.

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Published on: 10 / 12 / 2009
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