family Yorck von Wartenburg
Creators of the collection:

The founder of the collection was Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg (1805-1865). His collector's passion was inherited by his son Paul (1835-1897), who, along with his wife Luise von Wildenbruch, intensively expanded the prints collection. The collecting tradition was passed also to their son Heinrich (1861-1923), who was personally acquainted with Max Lehrs - one of the greatest experts on the art of engravings known at that time.

Description of the collection:

The prints collection of the Yorck von Wartenberg family was among the largest in Europe. It was initiated by Ludwig Yorck von Wartenburg, who, with the assistance of renowned European antiquary shops, amassed a great group of medieval prints. It included woodcuts formerly belonging to emperor Rudolph II in Prague. In the collection of the Yorck von Wartenbergs one could find prints by artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Martin Schongauer, Master ES, Albrecht Altdorfer, Lucas Cranach the Older, Georg Pencz, Hans Baldung Grien and Israhel van Meckenem. The family also owned numerous sculptures (e.g. a bust of Johann Ludwig David Yorck von Wartenberg by Christian Daniel Rauch and a marble depiction of Frederick the Great by Gottfried von Schadow) and a gigantic library.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Print (5), Sculpture (1)

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A large portion of the prints collection was sold in Carl Gustav Boerner's salon in Leipzig in 1932.

Localization: Klein-Öls (Oleśnica Mała) - palace of family Yorck von Wartenberg, located in a former joannites monastery
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