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The castle in Primkenau, the Red Room, around 1912

family von Schleswig-Holstein
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In 1853 prince Christian August von Schleswig-Holstein (1798-1869) purchased the estate in Primkenau. Soon after a neo-Gothic palace was erected there, which was replaced in 1895-1897 with a neo-Renaissance edifice commissioned by prince Ernst Günther von Schleswig-Holstein (1863-1921), the grandson of Christian August.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1853 - 1945
Description of the collection:

Part of the interior decoration of the residence in Primkenau was moved there from the Schleswig-Holstein family's estate from Augustenburg, it certainly was the case for the painting gallery. Many works of art were commissioned for the palace on the occasion of its redesign at the end of 19th century. Among those were sculptures by Harro Magnussen of Berlin (e.g. a statue of a deer from prince Ernst Günther's cabinet). The artist made also a bust of prince Friedrich, the father of Ernst Günther, while a sculpture of the latter was made by Gustav Eberlein, a professor of the Academy in Berlin. The palace was decorated with numerous large scale canvases depicting members of the family of Schleswig-Holstein, as well as the royal family, including the emperor couple (in 1818 the eldest sister of prince Ernst Günther, Augusta Viktoria, married Wilhelma of Prussia, the heir to the throne and later emperor). The family's collection included also works by famous artists, including paintings of Anton Graff and a self-portrait of Anton van Dyck. The interior decoration was completed with antique furniture, tapestries and chinaware.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

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Localization: Primkenau (Przemków) - palace of family von Schleswig-Holstein
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