Schaubert Gustav Eduard, , 1804-1860 /  ,   - Breslau

"Eduard Schaubert Drawing a Map of New Athens" by Christian Hansen or Carl Rahl, around 1834

Gustav Eduard Schaubert (1804-1860)

Born in Breslau, Schaubert started his education in his hometown. Later he studied the secrets of architecture under the supervision of Karl Friedrich Schinkel in Berlin. Starting from 1831 Schaubert worked in Athens, where the city was reconstructed based on the map he prepared (as was later the case in Piraeus and Eretria). Until 1843 he held the position of chief architect of Athens and remained in the service of Greek king Otto. Along with Hans Christian Hansen and the archeologist Ludwig Ross he supervised the reconstruction of the temple of Nike in Acropolis, commenced in 1836. 3 years later he published a book on those excavations and the reconstruction of the building itself. In 1845-1846 he led the excavations of the tomb of Koroibos of Elis, a famous athlete of ancient Greece.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: - 1860
Description of the collection:

Schaubert's collection, amassed during his long-term stay in Greece, contained 67 vases made in black- and red-figure styles. There were numerous statues and lamps made of terra cotta, as well as architectural elements, the latter probably obtained during the excavations he conducted. The collection included also items of bronze and other metals, marble fragments, gems and coins. After Schaubert's death his collection of over 300 objects was acquired by the Royal Museum of Art and Antiquities in Breslau (from which the Archeological Museum was separated 2 years later) together with numerous drawings of Greek architecture and maps of the country's cities he Schaubert made himself.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Sculpture (1)

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