Schaffgotsch family, von,  /  ,   - Bad Warmbrunn

the Schaffgotsch Palace in Warmbrunn, Yellow Salon, around 1930

family von Schaffgotsch
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In 1784 the construction of a new family residence was commenced in Warmbrunn, commissioned by Johann Nepomuk Gotthard von Schaffgotsch (1732-1808). That grand palace, completed 4 years later, had numerous representative interiors intended for exhibiting works of art. Among the first paintings placed in there were the portraits of Johann Nepomuk Gotthard by Anton Graff. Later generations of Schaffgotsch family residing in Warmbrunn contributed to expanfing and enriching the art collection exhibited in the residence.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: - 1945
Description of the collection:

The majority of the painting gallery in Warmbrunn were portraits of von Schaffgotsch family members, their kin and in-laws, as well as depiction of several European monarchs. In that last category an important group were 6 en pied portraits of the Piasts of Silesia, which were intended to underline the relation of that dynasty to von Schaffgotsch family. The gallery in Warmbrunn exceeded 180 paintings. In the library there was a group of around 4000 copper engravings, mostly of 18th century, accompanied by other prints and drawings. There were also large collections of numismatics, sigils and arms.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1), Sculpture (1)

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Localization: Bad Warmbrunn (Cieplice) - palace of family von Schaffgotsch
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