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A room with a bay window in Buchenwald, after 1838

family von Reden
Creators of the collection:

Friedrich Wilhelm von Reden (1752-1815) purchased the estate of Buchwald in 1785. He resided in the palace and commenced collecting works of art, prints, porcelain and iron castings. The objects were stored partially in the pavillions in the landscape park he created in Buchwald. In 1803-1807 he was a Minister of Mining and Metallurgy in the Prussian government and the director of Königliches Porzellan Manufaktur in Berlin, which affected the scope of his collection considerably. He was receiving copies of the items from KPM as well as castings from the foundry in Gleiwitz he managed. After the count's death his collection of chinaware was expanded by his widow in the 1st half of 19th century. Friederike von Reden (1774-1854) was held in esteem at Prussian court and majority of her new acquisitions for the collection were gifts from the royal family and other persons from the court circles. Due to her botanical interests she made a herbarium; she also created a collection of butterflies and beetles in one of the garden pavillions (the so-called Gardener's Pavillion).

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1785 - 1945
Description of the collection:

The biggest collection at Buchwald was porcelain which was stored and exhibited both in the palace (e.g. a gift from the king from 1830 - a vase with the depiction of Friedrichswerdersche Kirche and Altes Museum in Berlin), and in the garden pavillions (e.g. the Salon, the Pavillion, the Meadow House). The collection include larger items (such as a vase with bas-relief portrait of Frederic William III and queen Luise) as well as little ones (e.g. a cup with the portrait of count von Reden and the saucer with the dates of his birth, marriage and death) stored in display cases and cabinets from around 1800. The porcelain collection included bisque busts by Johann Karl Friedrich Riese: of king Frederic II from 1805 roku, of count von Reden from 1814 and of his wife (after 1816). The palace rooms in Buchwald were adorned with landscapes (e.g. “Entrance to Zillertal”), religious depictions (Madonna with Child) and portraits (e.g. 2 oil paintings by Johann Georg Ziesenis from around 1760/70 with depictions of the count's father, baron Johann Ernst Wilhelm, and his aunt, Wilhelmine Amalie von Veltheim). The copper engravings were stored both in the palace and in the garden pavillions, such as the Meadow House (depictions of birds and English engravings with portraits of children), the Abbey (St. Cecily, St. Mary Magdalene, Christ), the Gardener's House (depictions of 12 flowers assigned to respective months of the year). In the Pavillion, built in the form of a Greek temple, there was also a group of books by German classics, globes and astronomical instruments, busts (e.g. of count von Reden and of David Gilly) and the portrait of Alexander von Humboldt together with his plant map.


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Localization: Buchwald (Bukowiec) - palace of family von Reden
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