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unknown painter, "Christoph Wenzel Nostitz"

family von Nostitz
Creators of the collection:

Among the members of the von Nostitz family one of the most important with regards to art collecting was count Otto von Nostitz (1608-1664), who purchased a palace in Lobris in 1654. His passion was inherited by his son, count Christoph Wenzel von Nostitz (1643-1712), who in March 1682 commissioned to Michael Willmann a series of paintings for the palace chapel and a canvas depicting the rescue of Andromeda. Both counts contributed to creating a collection of prints too.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: after 1654 - 1945
Description of the collection:

19th century inventories of the palace mention over 200 paintings as well as numerous prints and aplied arts items. A key element of the interior decoration was the gallery of antecedents part of which has been preserved until today in the form of over 50 medallions decorating the ceiling of the representative room. Aside of the portrait gallery, the family's power was also confirmed by numerous paintings with the landscapes of its estates, palaces and castles. The highlights of the collection in Lobris were many paintings by Michael Willmann, including the famous "Andromeda". From Büsching's account it is known that the core part of the collection was exhibited in a planned way in a spacious room, and that each painting was accompanied by a number referring to a catalogue note. The Nostitzes owned an impressive collection of old prints and etchings as well.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

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Localization: Lobris (Luboradz) - palace of family von Nostitz
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