Toni Neisser (1861-1913), Albert Neisser (1855-1916)

Albert Neisser was a worldwide renowned dermatologist who was offered a professor's chair and a position of the director of the dermatological clinic of the university in Breslau in 1882. One year later he married Toni de domo Kauffmann, who shared his interests in art collecting. In 1897-1898 a villa designed by Hans Grisebach was erected, in which the Neissers resided after its completion. The interior decoration of the Music Room (1898/1899), designed by young Fritz Erler, made history as the first Gesamtkunstwerk of Art Nouveau. Fritz Erler and his brother Erich designed some other interiors in the villa (the vestibule, the Tea Room in 1905, the Conference Room in 1912). The Neissers were among the most important art patrons in Breslau at the turn of the centuries, their salon was frequented by famous artists: musicians (Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss), writers (Gerhart Hauptmann) as well as painters, sculptors and engravers. Towards the end of his days Albert Neisser bequeathed his house, along with the works of arts filling it, to the city, to be used as exhibition space.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: end of 19th century - 1934
Description of the collection:

In the Neissers' villa there were many works by their protégés Fritz and Erich Erler, including the portraits of the couple and some of their famous guests. The collection included also paintings by Giovanni Segantini ("Noon in the Alps"), Arnold Böcklin (triptych Venus Genitrix), Oswald Achenbach, Hans Thoma, Frijts Thaulow, Eugen Spiro, as well as sculptures by Constantine Meunier, Franz Stuck, Ignatius Taschner and Theodor von Gosen. In the villa there were also numerous items of applied arts, including old and contemporary silesian craftsmanship, as well as a group of works of art from the Far East, amassed during the scientific expeditions to Sunda Islands in 1905 and 1906.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (4), Drawing (1)

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Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Fürstenstrasse 124 (ul. Różyckiego, the building no longer exists)
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