family von Maltzan
Creators of the collection:

The creator of the impressive collection of prints was Joachim IV von Maltzan (1593-1654). The objects which used to belong to him can be identified by the initials "J. IV v. M." on their back sides. The collecting passion of Joachim IV was shared by his distant descendant Andreas Martiner von Maltzan (1863-1921), who expanded the collection with copper engravings he acquired in antiquary shops of Berlin and Leipzig. He also supported financially the painter Oskar Obier.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: beginning of 17th century - 1945
Description of the collection:

The collection of prints from the palace in Militsch was among the largest and oldest collections of the sort in Germany. The walls of von Maltzans' residence were also adorned by paintings, of which worth noting are the cycle by Johann Georg Platzer and four excellent canvases by Michael Willmann, including the famous "Orpheus Playing for the Animals". In the palace's interiors a large group of string instruments and clocks was exhibited as well.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Print (5), Painting (11)

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Part of the prints collection was exhibited in the Silesian Museum of Fine Arts in 1903.

83 prints were auctioned at Carl Boerner's salon in Düsseldorf in 1983.

Localization: Militsch (Milicz) - palace of family von Maltzan
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