Eva von Löbbecke, Franz von Löbbecke
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Franz von Löbbecke was a wealthy citizen of Brieg, he owned e.g. a sugar refinery. In 1873 he married Eva Schneider, an artistically skilled daughter of a local solicitor. An education in Berlin and Breslau, as well as numerous journeys to Italy, helped Eva von Löbbecke to develop her talents. It was proven by the 1st prize she received in 1895 in the Silesian Exhibition of Industry and Craftsmanship for her plaster model of a fountain with a figure of Triton, which was inspired by Raffael Santi's fresco from Villa Farnesina in Rome.

Description of the collection:

The collection of the von Löbbecke couple, featuring paintings by Arnold Böcklin and Anselm Feuerbach, were decorating their residence at the outskirts of Julius Poppel park in Brieg (today the building is in ruin). A bronze-casting fountain, based on Eva von Löbbecke's plaster project awarded in 1895, stood in front of the villa's facade (it has since been moved to the courtyard of the castle in Brzeg). Her other works adorned the garden from the park's side. The collectors also supported the Silesian Museum of Fine Arts in Breslau: in 1880 they donated a study for the painting "Medea" by Feuerbach, and 30 years later - a composition "A Farmer in a Field" by Otto Kreyher. In 1911, a year after his wife's death, Franz von Löbbecke donated to the museum a marble bust of Eva's father which she had sculpted herself.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (2)

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Localization: Brieg (Brzeg)
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