Langer Joseph, , 1865-1918 /  ,   - Breslau

Joseph Langer, a photo from 1900

Joseph Langer (1865-1918)

Born in Münsterberg, Langer commenced his artistic education in the workshop of a local painter, Friedrich Wächter. From 1883 he continued his studies in the Royal School of Art and Applied Art in Breslau, which he graduated from 3 years later. Langer was famous for paintings decorating the interiors of temples, public buildings, as well as private residences. His oeuvre contained numerous portraits, religious scenes and depictions of everyday life, still-lives and arts and crafts designs. The painter's inspiration was drawn from numerous travels to Italy, Africa, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. In 1894 he took a professor's chair at the Royal School of Art and Applied Art in Breslau. The artist was also a renowned conservator of wall paintings, commissioned among others with restoration of Aula Leopoldina at the university in Wroclaw.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: - 1937
Description of the collection:

The collection Langer put together during his many travels consisted of paintings, drawings and sculptures of old and contemporary artists. An important part of it was a group of arts and crafts items including chinaware, glass objects and tapestries. The painter collected also oriental items such as Japanese woodcuts and pottery. It seems that at least some objects from his collection were used as props for his compositions and generally as sources of inspiration.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Applied arts (1), Painting (2), Drawing (1), Sculpture (6)

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In 1937 Langer's collection was donated by his widow, Marta Langer-Schlaffke, to his hometown of Münsterberg (today's Ziębice). At that time the value of donated objects, including worksby the artist himself as well as his students, was estimated at a considerable sum of 40 000 RM. After WW2 the collection was dispersed further: the glass items were moved to Muzeum Karkonoskie in Jelenia Góra, and the textiles to the National Museum in Wroclaw.

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Ketzerberg 16/17 (the street was located within today's pl. Dominikański)
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