Kramsta Marie, von, 1843-1923 /  ,   - Muhrau

Margarete Neisser-Baum, Marie von Kramsta, 1913

Marie von Kramsta (1843-1923)

Marie von Kramsta whose residence was the palace in Muhrau was actively involved in various social and charity undertakings. Many social care and educational centers were founded in the area of Striegau on her initiative. The workers at her estate were covered by a modern social funding system. In her numerous travels over Europe she assembled a collection of paintings a part of which she donated to Schlesisches Museum der bildende Künste in Breslau in 1888 and 1897. The artistic interests of Marie von Kramsta are confirmed by her correspondence with painter Franz von Lenbach.

Description of the collection:

The collection of Marie von Kramsta contained the works of Franz von Lenbach whom she was personally acquainted with: the portraits of Bismarck and Böcklin. It also included vedutas of Rome by Francisco Pradilla and a depiction of Virgin Mary by Gabriel Max. The highlights of the collection were the composition of Arnold Böcklin with a lute player, a painting "Spring Flowers" by Lawrence Alma-Tadema and a little landscape by Camille Corot with grazing horses. The collector possessed also valuable items of arts and crafts.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (2)

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Localization: Muhrau (Morawa) - Palace of family von Kramsta
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