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The ballroom with paintings by de Backer, around 1900

family von Kospoth
Creators of the collection:

It could not be determined so far who was the initiator of the impressive painting gallery in the residence of von Kospoth in Briese (today's Brzezinka). The palace of the family was erected in the first half of 18th century, the works of art might have been being collected already at that time. Many paintings for interior decoration were by Johann Franz de Backer from Flandres; the ones deserving a special mention were numerous works with mythological and alegorical themes decorating the ballroom.

Description of the collection:

The collection of von Kospoths contained masterpieces of old Dutch masters, including at least 2 canvases by Peter Paul Rubens. One could also admire a portrait attributed to Rembrandt, "Country Concert" by Dirk Hals and "Concert" by Jan Sanders van Hemessen. In 1828, after visiting the residence, lieutenant Helmut von Moltke (later field marshal, 1800-1891) mentioned works by Titian, van Dyck and Wouwerman in letters to his family.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (31)

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Rudolf Weber, Schlesische Schloesser, v. 3, Dresden-Breslau 1909

Localization: Briese (Brzezinka) - Palace of family von Kospoth
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