Korn Johann Gottlieb, , 1765-1837 /  ,   - Breslau

Johann Gottlieb Korn

Johann Gottlieb Korn (1765-1837)

Johann Gottlieb Korn was part of a renowned family of booksellers and publishers in Breslau. He managed one of the biggest printing offices in the city. Under his supervision the palace of the Korn family in Schweidnitzerstrasse was decorated with an impressive painting gallery, admired among others by princess Izabela Czartoryska during her stay in Breslau. Johann Gottlieb's collecting passion was shared by his grandson Heinrich von Korn.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: end of the 18th century -
Description of the collection:

The collection of J. G. Korn consisted of 2 groups of objects. The first one was a gallery of old and contemporary paintings, the second - a huge assemblage of arts and crafts items (including ines made of valuable materials, like ivory, tortoiseshell, precious metals an porcelain). Among the paintings one should mention works by Michael Willman, Johann Georg Platzer, Jan van Huysum and Breslau's own Philip Sauerland. A large part of the collection was auctioned in 1838, the paintings by Willmann, including the famous "Orpheus among Animals", were then acquired for the collection of von Maltzan family in Militsch (today's Milicz).

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (4)

Verzeichnis der J. G. Kornschen Kunst-Sammlung enthaltend: Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Manuskripte, Glasmalereien, alte Gläser, Sachen in Elfbein, Holz etc. nebst vielen Curiosa, Breslau 1837

Verzeichnis der J. G. Kornschen Kunstsammlung welche [...] den 11 VI 1838 versteigert werden soll, Breslau [1838]

Ernest Scheyer, Eine alte Gemäldesammlung im Hause Wilh. Gottl. Korn zu Breslau und ihre Geschichte, „Die Bergstadt“, 19/2 (1930), p. 113-122

Maria Zwierz, Oficyny wydawnicze, kolekcje sztuki i salony wystawiennicze przy dawnej ul. Świdnickiej we Wrocławiu, "Rocznik wrocławski" (in printing)

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Schweidnitzerstrasse 47-48 (ul. Świdnicka, the building no longer exists)
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