Salon in the palace in Dyhrenfurth, around 1914

family von Hoym
Duration of this collection in Silesia: - 1945
Description of the collection:

The palace hosted a painting gallery, large part of which consisted of portraits.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (2)

Günther Grundmann, Erlebter Jahre Widerschein. Von schönen Häusern, guten Freunden und alten Familien in Schlesien, München 1972

Romulad Mariusz Łuczyński, Zamki i pałace Dolnego Śląska. Wrocław i okolice, Wrocław 1997, p. 7-9

Localization: Dyhrenfuhrt (Brzeg Dolny) - palace of von Hoym family
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