family von Hohenzollern
Creators of the collection:

In 1832 the estate of Erdmannsdorf (today's Mysłakowice) was purchased by the Prussian king Frederic William III. His numerous official duties did not deter him from expanding the royal art collections. His son and successor Frederic William IV, who frequently resided in Erdmannsdorf and who commissioned a redesign of the estate's castle to Friedrich August Stüler, also was a renowned art lover and connoisseur.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1832 - 1909
Description of the collection:

The collection in Erdmannsdorf featured both works of art owned by Frederic William III long before (e.g. a famous landscape by Caspar David Friedrich entitled "A Garden Terrace" adorned the villa Liegnitz) and those commissioned especially for that residence (e.g. stained-glass windows with the king's coat-of-arms by Heinrich Müller). The king's son Frederic William IV continued to enlarge and enrich the collection in Erdmannsdorf, among others by commissioning a depiction of the founding of the monastery in Treibnitz to the Silesian painter Carl Hermann.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

Zabytki gminy Mysłakowice. Dawniej i dziś, Emil Pyzik, Sylwester Urbański (ed.), Jelenia Góra [2004]

Localization: Erdmannsdorf (Mysłakowice) - the palace of Hohenzollerns and villa Liegnitz
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