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Creators of the collection:

The families settled in Silesia for centuries often accumulated their collections over many generations, as was the case in Fürstenstein (today's Książ). It seems that part of the reason for creating that collection was a need for objects which could be used for interior decoration. Among the members of the von Hochberg family the most active art collectors were Hans Heinrich XI von Pless (1833–1907) and his son Hans Heinrich XV von Pless (1861-1938).

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 17th century - 1945
Description of the collection:

The Kunstkabinett in Fürstenstein included astronomical instruments, objects of nature, numismatics and family memorabilia exhibited in glass display cases. Undoubtedly a large part of the collection consisted of portraits, as well as numerous landscapes of Sudetes by Sebastian Carl Christian Reinhardt. Other items worth mentioning are a number of interesting Italian paintings, such as landscapes of Leonardo Coccorante and a canvas by Bernardo Strozzi. The hypothesis of rather utilitarian approach of the von Hochberg family towards collecting art can be illustrated by the fates of the cycle of paintings by Giovanni Pinotti depicting the story of Moses. After its acquisition on the antiquary market of Berlin in 1920s the series of 12 paintings, originally decorating the ceiling of a palace in Lukka, was adjusted to decorate the wall of the castle's chapel. The collection of Fürstenstein included also valuable arrases.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

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After WW2 a portion of von Hochberg collection was transferred to the Castle Museum in Pszczyna and to the National Museum in Wrocław. A large group of paintings by Reinhardt can be admired in the Museum in Wałbrzych until today.

Localization: Fürstenstein (Książ) - castle of the von Hochberg family
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