Hauptmann Carl, , 1858 - 1921 /  ,   - Mittel-Schreiberhau

Fritz Erler, "Portrait of Carl Hauptmann", 1900

Carl Hauptmann (1858 - 1921)

Carl Hauptmann was a doctor of philosophy and a littérateur who co-founded the colony of artists in Mittel-Schreiberhau (today's Szklarska Poręba). Set aside in Mittel-Schreiberhau, Hauptmann's house was a meeting place of special valor for the artists, thanks to its owner's person. The character of the place was described by the writer's friend, dr Wilhelm Bölsche "I guess everyone knows Musäus's charming fairy-tale how in the middle of a blizzard Rübezahl conjures a cozy country house for lost wanderers out of a granite rock. Suddenly they see doors opening to show warm interiors, full of music and clinks of glasses. Carl Hauptmann made some of this enchanting vision real by settling in 'Rübezahl's district' himself [...]”

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1891 - 1921
Description of the collection:

In Carl Hauptmann's house there was a small but valuable art collection. It was created gradually over the years, mostly by means of gifts from the writer's friends. In the 1910s it contained 3 oil paintings by Otto Mueller and an artistic tapestry entitled "Peace" by Wanda Bibrowicz, probably made in 1916. Hauptmann's collection likely included also some landscapes of the Giant Mountains authored by his friends within the Association of Visual Artists St. Luke in Schreiberhau. Part of the objects was probably exhibited in the museum of Carl Hauptmann and the artists of Schreiberhau, which was opened in late 1930s; those works were dispersed after WW2.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Applied arts (1), Painting (2)

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Localization: Mittel-Schreiberhau (Szklarska Poręba) - The house of Carl and Gerhart Hauptmann
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