Guthmann Johannes, , 1876-1956 / Zimmermann Joachim,  1875-1947 - Mittel-Schreiberhau

Max Slevogt, "The Portrait of Johannes Guthmann and Joachim Zimmermann"

Johannes Guthmann (1876-1956), Joachim Zimmermann (1875-1947)

Johannes Guthmann was a historian of art and a writer, as was his partner, Joachim Zimmermann. In 1921 the couple left a villa located in Berlin's district of Neu Cladow, frequented by a circle of artists befriended by both writers (e.g. Max Slevogt, August Gaul) as well as by the art dealer and publisher Paul Cassirer. Guthmann and Zimmermann moved their collection of contemporary art and antiques to Silesia. Possibly because of their long friendship with the Hauptmann siblings they decided to settle in Mittel-Schreiberhau, in a house belonging to Zimmermann's mother. Beginning from 1921 one could admire the assembled antiques and contemporary works of art in the villa in Ober-Weg (today's ul. Górna). The exhibition included also numerous portraits of both collectors, made among others by Max Slevogt and Hans Purrmann. In 1945 Guthmann and Zimmermann left Mittel-Schreiberhau.

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1921 - 1945
Description of the collection:

The writers collected a number of antique sculptures, some of which belong to the National Museum in Warsaw today. Beside that their collection consisted of paintings by Max Slevogt, Max Liebermann and Hans Purrmann (the latter was a frequent guest of the collectors' villa in Mittel-Schreiberhau). They possessed around 30 of Purmann's oil paintings and numerous watercolors of his. Paintings by Anselm Feuerbach, Hans Thoma, Fritz von Uhde, Wilhelm Leibl and Wilhelm Trübner were the pride of the collection. In the villa in Ober-Weg one could also admire contemporary sculptures, including "A Bathing Woman" by Georg Kolbe. An important part of the collection was formed by the paintings of impressionists and post-impressionists, including Vincent van Gogh.

Categories of works of art in this collection: Drawing (1), Sculpture (3), Painting (7)

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Localization: Mittel-Schreiberhau (Szklarska Poręba) - Ober-Weg 4 (today's ul. Górna)
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