Erich Frantz (1842-1903)

Erich Frantz was a professor of history of art at the university of Breslau. He was in fact educated as a theologian and a lawyer, but he gained fame and respect thanks to his amateur publications on history of painting, especially Italian, e.g. Fra Bartolommeo della Porta, Studie über die Renaissance and Das heilige Abendmahl des Leonardo da Vinci. The opus magnum of his scientific career was a 3 volume work Geschichte der christlichen Malerei (A History of Christian Painting).

Duration of this collection in Silesia: - 1901
Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (1)

Katalog von Antiquitäten, Kunstsachen, Möbeln und Einrichtungs-Gegenständen, Oelgemälden alter Meister: Sammlung Univ.-Professor Dr. Erich Frantz aus Breslau, ein Teil der Sammlung Albert Jaffé, Hamburg, Nachlass des in München verstorbenen Kunstmalers A. Seifert etc., Auction in München 9.-10 Mai 1901 H. Helbing

Localization: Breslau (Wrocław) - Breitestrasse 28 (today's ul. Purkyniego)
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