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Schloss Dittersbach - lithography by Alexander Duncker

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Rudolf Ludwig von Decker (1804-1877) came from a famous family of Prussian booksellers and editors. His grandfather Georg Jacob Decker established in 1863 the Royal Secret Court Printing-Office. In recognition of the contributions of the family for the Kingdom of Prussia one hundred years later Rudolf Ludwig was knighted. As the main royal printer he needed a dwelling adequate to his social status so in 1851 he bought a chateau in Zwierzyniec. One year later a park area around the building was erected, according to the plans by Eduard Neide. The last land owner before the war was Richard von Decker and actually he was mentioned in the contemporary issues as owner of the collection of artworks in the chateau.

In 1852 Rudolf Ludwig Decker bought the paper-mill in Dąbrowica (Eichberg) and soon he bought also the nearby land with the chateau. In the burial chapel erected in 1877 at the local graveyard the remains of the printer and his wife were buried. Their descendants lived in the chateaux of Niemstów, Dąbrowica (Eichberg) and of the nearby Wojanów-Bobrów (Boberstein, bought shortly before 1880).

Duration of this collection in Silesia: 1851 - ?
Description of the collection:

But for his acquaintances with artists Rudolf Ludwig Decker was able to purchase artworks direct from them. From the friend painter Karl Blechen he bought at least 11 landscape paintings, among them the famous canvas painting depicting the construction of the so called „Devil's Bridge” of St. Gotthard Pass. In Decker's possession were also many drawings by the same artist. The collector's fondness of the art by old artists can be proved by a splendid canvas painting by van Dyck and paintings by Gerrit Dou, Hans Holbein and Frans von Mieris. In the chateau the portraits of the owners couldn't lack either. The portrait of Rudolf was painted by Anton Graff, the bust of his wife, a famous opera singer Pauline von Schätzel, was sculpted by Johann Friedrich Drake. After Ludwig Rudolf's death his collection was dispersed, some of the drawings by Blechen entered the chateaux of Bobrów (Boberstein) and Dąbrowica (Eichberg).

Categories of works of art in this collection: Painting (4)

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Guido Jospeh Kern, Karl Blechen: sein Leben und seine Werke, Berlin 1911

Localization: Dittersbach (Niemstów) - Schloss Dittersbach
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